Friday, October 23, 2009

New Infrared Web Gallery

We've decided to open a new web gallery to show our color and black & white infrared images. We recently converted a Canon 1DsII to fulltime infrared using a 665nm filter and we've been both pleased with the images and the reception they've received. We were recently in Yosemite National Park and found on our return that we not only sold one of our color infrared images but we had received orders for more thus the new web gallery.

Currently there are only three images in the new gallery, all from our new Arizona Spanish Mission series however we'll be shortly adding a few images from Yosemite.

The following images are all in the gallery and we suggest you go there for larger viewable images.

Please contact us for sizing and pricing information.

Sandy & Don

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yosemite National Park (Part Two)

We got home late yesterday afternoon after leaving Yosemite on Saturday and taking a side trip to Carmel to visit Ken Doo to test a new inkjet paper (a blog on Carmel & Monterey coming soon).

Since we have a much better internet connect here we've decided to limit the conversation and just show images from Yosemite. We were extremely fortunate in having the falls flowing while we were there.

Yosemite Valley

Indian Village

Ansel Adams Gallery

We hope you enjoyed this edition. Stay tuned for at least one more entry from Yosemite.

Sandy & Don

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yosemite National Park (Part One)

This is late in coming basically because we were too busy enjoying the park and our internet access failed.

We left Tucson last Monday stopping at Barstow CA after driving on parts of old historic Route 66. Clear skies, dry weather, in general great driving weather. We were able to visit a couple older buildings along Route 66 that had seen better days.
We left Barstow early Tuesday morning with the intent of driving along Route 395 north to Mono Lake then cross over into Yosemite using the 120. At least that was the intent. The closer we got the more rain we encountered till about 180 miles away from our turn we passed road signs telling us of the closer of 120 and the pass into Yosemite. Our short drive turned into a much longer one as we had to back track south in order to enter the park from the south gate. This went on for the entire time we were in the park; the road signs showed the route being opened only to find out it was closed after driving all the way from the valley to the point where they close the road. We did pass through Big Meadow; the site of the fire earlier this year. We'll be sharing images of the devastation in a later entry.

We encountered heavy rain as we drove into the park via the south gate and on our way to our hotel and the valley. The rain turned into a blessing as the falls were flowing and the sky had abundant clouds. The falls that had been dry during the summer came alive and stayed that way our entire stay. The clouds stayed for our first full day then petered out.

As we said earlier we were without adequate internet access until today so this is the beginning of our story of our stay in Yosemite National Park. This was our first visit here and we are already making plans for our return. This was also our first trip where we used the 1DsII that had been converted to infrared. We got some beautiful IR images that we'll be sharing in the coming days.

The images included in this post are all from the first day and we have several more days to share so stay tuned for the updates.

Thanks for letting us share and as always we welcome your comments.

Sandy & Don

Thursday, October 8, 2009

End of Summer

We think summer has ended here in Tucson as its been almost two weeks since we last saw 100 degrees and almost a whole week with temps below the 90's. The nights are cooler and with that we're able to open the house up and listen to the coyotes sing at night.

We decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and take a drive south towards Sahuarita as we wanted to explore the area for a possible return trip spending more time there. Sahuarita is located in the historic Santa Cruz Valley, surrounded by early Spanish missions, frontier outposts and old mines and is home to the Titan II Missile Museum the only one of its kind in the world and well worth a visit. We got a late start from our home however we saw enough of the area that we know we'll be returning.

Things got just a little crazy after we decided to leave the area and return home as Don wanted to see if he could get us home without having to take either I-19 or the I-10. The only problem was that Tucson and Mt Lemmon were right in our way. So off we went.

Driving through the outskirts of Tucson we watched as the outside temperature climbed above 80 then dropped to 55 as we got closer to the 8000' mark of Mt Lemmon.

Anyone visiting the Tucson area should take the time and visit Mt Lemmon. Here we sit in the mist of the Sonora Desert which is one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America and right in our back yard sits a 8000' mountain that offers skiing in the winter and at least 30 degree cooler weather in the summer.

There are two separate roads leading to Mt Lemmon; one is a well maintained paved 27 mile road while the other is a dirt road that will require a high clearance vehicle all the time and 4x4 sometimes; either road will bring you past beautiful scenery. We'll be doing more on this area in the coming months.

There's more of a difference between the two roads than just their condition. The front way which is paved will provide a vast vista of Tucson and the surrounding area as well as plenty of people. You'll see signs warning of wildlife however we rarely see any. The back way is slower and can be dangerous simply because it's off the beaten path; however you'll see way less people and more wildlife as well as chance encounters with cattle and horses.

We wanted to close this entry by sharing some of the sunsets that we've been blessed with the past couple days.

We'll be on the road again shortly visiting Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks as well as a brief stay in Death Valley so stay tuned.

Sandy & Don

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