Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's Sunday and we've been home for a couple days and wanted to share a couple more images we took while in and around Sedona. It as a great trip, we walked, ate, and laughed. We hope you enjoy the images.

We plan on returning soon.

Sandy & Don

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cambo WDS & WRS Final Comparison

I've now had the pleasure of comparing the WDS to the WRS for a week. I've shot both in my normal working environment which is outside in any type weather standing on a cliff face.

I'm adding images of the two bodies with the WRS sitting directly in front of the WDS. Both have a tripod plate attached as well as a back adapter. I had to use a weight to steady the WDS and that's what you see in 2 of the images; it's an 18volt battery to a portable drill.

Something I might nit have covered before is the lens fit. I checked with Capture Integration and learned there is a difference in fir between the two bodies. All my lens felt "sloppy" in the WDS; I felt a certain amount of play with all the lens. The lens fits much better on the WRS. The only difference I could tell is the WDS has one locking lever while the WRS has two. Maybe someone else can address this.

I was surprised at the weight difference; 1 pound. I had both bodies weighted on a certified shipping scale; 3.2 pounds for the WDS and 2.2 pounds for the WRS. The weights include the tripod attachment as well as the back adapter.

Here's the images:

I also want to again thank Dave Gallagher and Chris Lawery of Capture Integration for sending me the Cambo WDS to play with.

My hands down favorite is the WRS.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just another crazy day!

We decided to take a 3 mile "walk" to Secret Mountain yesterday morning which actually turned out fun as we found this huge rock formation that reminded us both of a giant cobra head. Very difficult to photograph as can be seen by Don's setup.

Finished the walk and decided to make the 2.5hrs drive north to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We decided to stop for lunch in Tusayan at a great place that cooks pizza and pasta. Tusayan is less than 2 miles from the park entrance.

We found the park to be covered with a mixture of clouds, overcast, and smoke from a controlled burn. We love the Grand Canyon, despite all the negatives to include a horde of people.

We had a whole range of weather conditions and temperatures on the drive with rain in and around the Canyon and Flagstaff with temps going as low as 50 to sunny and 60 as we returned to the Sedona area. Oh yes we did all this in one day! Total of 5 hrs driving round trip with several hours spent at the Park.

There's a lot of images here with a mixture from Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Enjoy!

Sandy & Don
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