Friday, October 29, 2021

Jumping Ship from Sony to Fuji


"Rush Hour"
Sony A7rIV FE 100-400@300mm

Those who have followed us know we've used several camera systems. Don has used a Canon, Mamiya, Phase One, Leica, Sony and Fuji while Sandy has used Canon and Sony. Don began using a Fuji shortly after the release of the GFX50 and has stayed true to the GFX system ever since. Sandy replaced her Canon with a Sony shortly after the A7r was first released. Which brings us to this – Sandy has decided to make the move from 35mm to medium format and will begin using a GFX100s just as soon as her order is filled.

"Black Sand Basin"
Sony A7rIV FE 24-70@24mm

Sandy’s decision is partly based on the sensor size and ease of setting changes with the GFX vs the Sony A7rIV.

We just returned from a trip to North Yellowstone where we captured landscape and wildlife. We had plenty of time to speak about the two systems and Sandy finally admitted to wanting to try the GFX100s.  Her concern was that once she tried it she’d like it so much that she’d want it. Guess what happened!

Sony A7rIV FE100-400@400

This blog contains the last images Sandy captured using her Sony A7rIV and her first using a GFX100s.

The plan is to share the GFX100s until Sandys arrives. We’ll share the lenses between us with the possibility of getting a spare lens of Sandys choosing; either a 32-64 or the newer 35-70.

Something else became clear to us on this trip. We hate using a cellphone as a point and shoot. While it’s a great device to capture GPS location the small sensor of the camera does not lead to any meaningful images to print; yes they’re great for the web but we want to print too.

This lead us to a conversation of what makes a perfect point and shoot camera for us. We wanted a camera with fixed lens, shooting full frame 35mm with decent resolution. Don did the research and decided to grab a Leica G2 and add it to our kit. The purpose of the G2 will be to have a camera close by for when we want to grab a fast shot without the need to stop, unpack the Fuji attach a lens and shoot. While there will be times we still do this, the plan is to use the G2 in place of the cellphone for a much better file.

We have several road trips planned for the upcoming year and look forward to sharing.

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Sandy & Don