Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yet Another Gallery Update

We've added a new wildlife gallery to our main website. Click on the wildlife gallery to see 14 images ranging from bears to a goofy image of a young antelope. Sizes range from 8x10 to the largest of 10x30. All images will be printed on fine art paper and in most cases come matted. Prices are from $65.00 to $150.

We've also fixed the panorama gallery. We never liked the way the panoramas (some as large as 30x60) were displayed. You now have information concerning the name, size and printing options as well as prices.

The plan is to fix the remaining galleries to add the same information found in the panorama and wildlife galleries.

Please feel free to contact us regarding purchasing information. The prices do not include shipping and handling. We can also provide custom sizes on a limited quantity of images.

Thank you for visiting

Sandy & Don

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gallery Update

We've been working everyday (well almost) sorting images and doing test printing of the images that we feel deserving to not only share buy worthy enough to sell. We will very shortly add two new galleries to our website named "Alaska - Landscape" and "Alaska - Wildlife". While the landscape speaks for itself the wildlife will hold images of eagles, bears, big horn sheep and of course moose; it might have others as we continue to go through the images.

No prices have been set as yet for the landscape however the wildlife will be offered in limited quantities of 25 each ranging from 8x10 to 11x14. This images will be printed on only the highest quality paper shipped matted but unframed. The price (excluding shipping) is $65.00 for 8x10 and $125 for 11x14.

You'll notice there is no shopping cart on our website - we did that for a reason. We felt that if we were going to purchase a print we'd like to at lease get to know the artist, either through email or telephone. So with that in mind you the customer have choices. Call us and talk with either Sandy or Don and let us know what you're interested in or email us. We take payment by Paypal (we'll send you an invoice via email) or by check or money order (they must clear first). All orders are shipped insured and in most cases using UPS or FedEx with tracking number.

We hope to have the images up on the individual galleries soon so check the website.

Sandy & Don

Monday, July 21, 2008


People ask us all the time which stores we shop at and which would we recommend. That list is very short.

If you're in the market for the finest medium format great and unsurpassed service the only place to go is Capture Integration. These folks are just world class. They can also offer a heck of a deal on Canon cameras as well; Sandy got her 1Ds III that she used in Alaska from Capture Integration.

The other place we do extensive purchasing from is B&H Photovideo in New York City. These folks have been around a long time and offer fair prices and great shipping. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the only advertising you'll ever see on this site.

These are just two of the recommendation we offer contact us if you have additional questions regarding photographic equipment.

Thanks for your continued interest

Sandy & Don

Friday, July 18, 2008

Return to Hallo Bay

We've enjoyed the experience so much that I just confirmed a return visit - this time for 3 days to Hallo Bay. Anyone who is thinking of visiting Alaska should include the Homer area and if you are in the area you really owe it to yourself to experience a true once in a lifetime experience by visiting Hallo Bay. Safe, secure and caring folks.


Thursday, July 17, 2008


We've been home for almost a full week now and still just scratching the surface of the images we took on the Alaska trip, however every once in a while we see a series of images that just have to be put together like the bears and today's eagles. The final printed version (if there is one) should be 8x24. Please not that this is just a working copy of the print but one that I wanted to share.


Comments are always welcome .....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Juliano de Carvalho

Thank you for your kind words and we're glad we were able to help you find the beauty of the Sequoias (are the fires effecting the area). Our best estimate is that you should expect at least a 6 hour drive from Three Rivers to Las Vegas. You'll "pass" Death Valley on the south however you'll have to add several hours to the drive if you wish to visit. CAUTION - Death Valley isn't a place I'd visit in the summer (at least for the first time). Think of how it got its name!

Sorry for the public reply however you didn't leave an email address for us.

Enjoy your visit

Sandy & Don

ALL: If you post a comment asking a question we'll attempt to answer it however if you don't leave an email it'll have to be answered in a public forum for all to see......

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Playing Bears

Just started going through the 6,000 images that we took while on the trip. While reviewing the images taken at Katmai National Park I found these four that were taken and decided to attempt a little different type of panorama. This will print at 10x30 inches.


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Notes, thoughts & general musing:

Once we have a couple of real keepers, those will be placed in a separate gallery on our website so stay tuned.

We still might offer a DVD slideshow however it's still too soon to say for certain.

Best Regards,

Sandy & Don

Friday, July 11, 2008


It’s Friday July 11th and we are home after 57 days on the road and 10,231 miles. We took well over 120 GB of images so it will be awhile before we get them all cataloged. In short the trip was a huge success that has given us many memories; among them, the bears at Katmai National Park, eagles in Anchor Point, moose galore, and being able to visit the Artic Circle. We are also left with a couple funny memories such as the woman sunbathing topless on the roof of her house and the young lady wearing a leather bikini, hiking boots and a back pack – both of which we saw while driving the Alaskan Highway in the Yukon. We’re left with impressions; the kind warm hearted people of Alaska, and Canada and the polite drivers in both places as well.

Not to mention the utter breath-taking scenic beauty of the area. We think that we have a huge task in front of us in depicting the beauty of what we saw and felt in our images. It will take some time to pick the very best of the images taken to offer in our gallery so have patience as we only want to offer the very best.

A suggestion we can give for anyone thinking of taking such a trip is do it. Take your time and experience what you see. Just because the speed limit says you can go fast doesn’t mean you need to, the joy of driving the Alaskan Highway ranks right up on the very top of the great things we’ve experienced in our life; actually driving for hours at a time without seeing another vehicle or person while experiencing breath taking scenery and wildlife is something hard to explain.

The blog doesn’t end here, we’ll be sharing a few more images and videos from this trip and we have a few other trips in the works such as visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in the fall, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley in the winter to name two so stay tuned for updates.

Bye for now

Sandy & Don

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alaska – Day 56 – Page Arizona & Other Stuff

As reported earlier we stayed the night in Page AZ at the Courtyard Marriot. We woke this morning with a mission (actually two); photographHorseshoe Bend of the Colorado River in Page, and drive to Distant Drums RV to spend the night. We accomplished both!

Don has been going to Page to photograph slot canyons and Horseshoe Bend for a number of years. Slot canyons have turned out okay but the goose neck for what ever the reason still give problems; one of the reasons is lens. Don has photographed Horseshoe Bend many times with 35mm cameras and with lens from a fish eye one up. Don and a good friend Ken Doo went to Page early in 2007 to photograph the area; this time in medium format. They went to Horseshoe Bend and both decided that Mamiya’s new wide-angle 28mm lens (17mm equivalent 35mm focal length) would be perfect; however neither had one. Don got the 28mm November 2007 just before he went to shoot the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in December. To make a long story short since he has the lens (and Ken still doesn’t) he had to see if what they predicted was true.

Mamiya 645/P30+ w/28mm lens

Canon G-9

Next stop (tomorrow) is home ….

Sandy & Don

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Alaska – Day 55 – Utah “Bryce Canyon”

Just as we were leaving the campground in Montana we found the name – “Stoddard”. Here’s what it looked like at sunset …

Woke the following morning (Day 54 Monday July 7th) continuing south into Utah. We made it south of Salt Lake City and into the southern portion when we decided to stop for the night in the Fish Lake National Forest, Castle Rock State Park – but first we had to stop for a typical sunset in this area…..

The next morning, (Day 55 Tuesday July 8th) while heading south we decided to revisit Bryce Canyon National Park, a park we hadn’t been to in close to 4 years. After spending several hours at Bryce we continued south finally crossing back into Arizona and spent the night in Page. Big surprise here – we actually spent the night in a hotel! We decided that after spending 55 days on the road we deserved a break so we checked into the Courtyard Marriot (a hotel Don has stayed at before on a photo shoot in the area).

Sandy found this neat old farm house as we were heading towards Bryce ...

We’re still close to 1,000 miles from home and have driven 9,950 miles since leaving 55 days ago. The plan is to be home within the next couple days however there are still plenty of spots to pull over and visit.

Here's Sandy taking the photo of the old house....

Sandy & Don

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Caty, La ringrazio per voi gentili parole (hope that was correct)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alaska – Day 53 – Montana - “Big Sky Country”

You can’t really grasp Montana’s motto until you come here and see the country. We left Missoula late this morning and have seen nothing but beautiful cloudscapes. We’re left with the understanding that this state needs to be photographed and we intend to return shortly to do just that.

We drove just shy of 250 miles today headed south towards Tucson and home but decided to stop for the night in a small (un-named to us) National (we think) campground a couple miles off the interstate. We are sharing the campground with a few cows and some wildlife and nothing else. We are experiencing a new novelty – darkness! We noticed that it finally got dark last night – after nearly 45 days – what a sight!

Enjoy the images (shot either with a 1Ds III or Canon G-9) ……

View from our camp

You never know what you'll see on the road...

Sandy & Don

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Alaska – Day 52 – National Bison Range

Wow! Two updates for the same day.

We left the Blackfoot Reservation this morning for the National Bison Range. We could have made it in a couple hours however we kept stopping to take photographs. We were in this area in 2006 and simple forgot how beautiful it is.

We found what could be a neat hangout for us if we lived in the area; East Shore Smoke House, Bar & Grill run by Jim B. Jim thanks for your great hospitality!

Enjoy the photos ….

Sandy & Don

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Alaska – Day 52 – Blackfoot Indian Reservation – Northern Montana

We determined going to Banff this time of the year might not be such a good idea so we decided to return to the US.

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to watch fireworks while camping on the Blackfoot Reservation! We were fortunate to be in a place that we could dry camp and enjoy the fireworks display along with several others. We’d like to thank the people of the Blackfoot Reservation near Browning Montana for allowing us the pleasure of sharing the celebration with us.

We don’t have any images to share on this update but we are headed to the National Bison Refuge later today so maybe we’ll have a few in a couple days.

We wish everyone a belated Happy 4th of July.

That’s it for now…..

Sandy & Don

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alaska – Day 49 – Dawson Creek British Columbia

We’ve got a little catching up to do so here goes. We last had internet in Haynes Junction about 3 days ago. We should say almost had a connection… We had just enough to get the text loaded but when we attempted to load the images we kept getting kicked off – what do you expect for “free” internet?

We are currently camped in the Mile 0 Campground in Dawson Creek. This is the same campground we stayed in on our way up north. Quite, clean campground and when they say they have WIFI they mean it! We’ve finally loaded the images for Day 47 – just 3 days later.

We’ve seen buffalo, bear, moose, mountain sheep, caribou, and deer the past couple days. We camped at Summit Lake (Stone Mountain Park) last night and got a great landscape of the lake. We actually think it got dark last night – at least darker than it has been for the past 30 days…

We’re headed to Edmonton tomorrow then down to Calgary then over to Banff National Park for a couple days before heading south back into Montana.

Tomorrow is day 50 of our great adventure and we’re still enjoying every minute of it!

We want to give a very special thank you to Patty B at Northgate in Bucking Horse Yukon for your great hospitality.

Sandy & Don

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