Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Our latest adventure…

We took this trip at the end of May and had every intention of posting this blog much sooner however life got in the way, thus the delay….

We’ve been sticking close to home lately and are pleased to say we finely took a trip in May. We traveled from the Tucson area of Arizona to visit Wall South Dakota and Badlands National Park.

Our drive took us close to the forest fires near Las Vegas NM; so close in fact that we had ash falling the morning we left for Cheyenne WY. Our route from Cheyenne took us into parts of Nebraska before entering South Dakota.

We left Badlands and headed for Cody Wyoming by way of Hulett Wyoming and Devils Tower National Monument. We traveled a slow meandering route from Hulett passing through Gillette, Buffalo, Ten Sleep, and Greybull before arriving in Cody.

We were in no hurry in case you couldn’t tell by the routing….

We visited the Little Bighorn National Monument while we were in Cody as well as the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. There is a stark difference between the two places. One is a legacy of a person who was hell-bent on making his mark in history and the process destroyed the lives of those he commanded. The other is a legacy of art.

After spending several days in Cody we entered Yellowstone National Park at the eastern entrance approximately 50 miles west of Cody headed for a stay in Jackson Wyoming before returning home.

This trip lasted approximately 3-weeks and close to 3,500 miles. The unusual aspect of the trip was that Sandy is now using her Fujifilm GFX100s 100-megapixel camera for the first time. We both now shoot the same camera system sharing the same lenses.

We’ve more trips planned for the future and will be visiting places such as Bryce Canyon, Palouse, Moab, and back to the Badlands so stay tuned.