Sunday, June 30, 2013

Adobe Cloud

Wanted to share the following.  I decided to join the Adobe Cloud last month as I routinely use more than one-Adobe product.  The past year I've added Adobe Premier Pro to Photoshop (I've been using this for close to 10-years) and saw the advantage of the Cloud.  In the past I had also thought of buying Adobe Acrobat to help with billing, invoices, quotes, etc but never got around to it and for the most part simply forgot about it as I developed a workaround in creating PDFs.
I've been looking forward to using the newly developed additions to Photoshop however I kept hitting a wall.  Most of my problems were mine.  I kept updating CS6 which I thought was also updating the Cloud version and getting frustrated when I failed to see the additional goodies such as camera shake not be there.  Of course I completely failed to notice the "Apps" tab that would take me directly to all the CC programs until this morning.  I guess the show "Are you smarter than a 6th grader"  is correct.
On another note - Sandy and I just completed a 15-day 3,800 mile trip that took us to the Santa Fe/Taos New Mexico area before heading to the northeastern portion of Wyoming and Devils Tower then dropping back into Jackson Hole and finally Tucson.  Along the way we capture great images of old missions, landscape and some wildlife as well as neat time-lapse video at Devils Tower which we'll be sharing shortly so please stay tuned.
Added note for those who use NIK Software.  I had a heck of a time getting NIK to install into Photoshop CC.  In the end this worked for me however remember I work on a 64bit PC.  I opened Program Files then Adobe going to Adobe Photoshop CS7 (64Bit) then to "Plug-ins".  Once there copy the directory holding the Nik software (in my case it's Google".  Go back to the Program Files, Adobe and now open Adobe Photoshop CC (64Bit) and open the Plug-in directory and paste the Nik directory there.  Close then open CC and you should see the Nik filters underneath the Filter tab just as before, at least I do.  I've done this on 2-computers with success.  This should also work just as well for those with a 32Bit computer.