Thursday, October 25, 2007

Return to the Sequoias

We liked what we saw so much in September that we decided to make a return visit to Sequoia National Park in October. This time we stayed at the Lodgepole Campground instead of a motel further down the road. No, we didn’t do the tent thing, we stayed in our Lance Pickup camper that includes among other things a queen size bed, cooking, bathing and much needed heat.

We had decided before we left Sequoia in September that we’d return in October to catch the Fall colors and with any hope a little snow. Watching the forecast we saw it was calling for 50% snow on Saturday (10/13) so we decide to pack our gear and head out of Tucson for the Sequoias. We left Tucson stopping overnight in Burro Creek and then Horse Creek Campgrounds getting to the Lodgepole Campground on Sunday October 14th. Weather forecast had been changed. No snow and no promise of snow, but all was not lost. Monday we were blessed with clear, sunny skies that we took advantage of in getting some beautiful fall color images. The weather changed Monday night and went down hill turning very cold – too cold to snow but not too cold for rain. We found ourselves Tuesday (10/16) with slight drizzle low ceilings, cold, and fog. Okay we didn’t get the snow we wanted but our second wish was for fog and we got plenty. Tuesday was spent shooting a combination of fog and fall colors, another great day.

By Wednesday we felt that it was a good idea to come off the mountain and head home as we had a show to get ready for in November (3rd and 4th). We might not have gotten the snow we wanted but we also know that we’ll be in the neighborhood in February when we visit Carmel and Big Sur so there’s still a chance.

You’ll notice that the gallery containing Sequoia National Park has been split into summer and fall. Summer images are done and most of the fall images have been loaded as well. We plan to eventually include spring and winter images but that may take awhile.

So, go visit the images, if you see one you like please vote on it. If you see one you really like, buy it!


Sandy & Don

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