Thursday, October 9, 2008

North Rim Grand Canyon

Sandy & I spent the past couple days at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon testing/evaluating a Cambo RS 1000 along with a P45+. The time spent was for me to see if I liked the system, could adapt to a new workflow, and more importantly capture images that would be of higher resolution and just all around better than what I've been using before (Phase 645, P30+ mainly with a Mamiya 28mm lens). Went to the North Rim in hopes of catching decent fall colors; spending the time in learning the technical aspects of shooting with a technical camera. We found that we were about a week to ten days early for the burst of colors and the sky was just plain crappy with no clouds in sight; here are samples from the past 3 days.

These samples just don't do justice to the images taken then again it's hard to really tell the quality of any image in a small JPEG.

My conclusion is that this system is very good to great; in fact I'm waiting to hear back from Chris at Capture Integration has to an order status.

Once again I want to thank Dave and Chris at Capture Integration for allowing me the opportunity to have the equipment for the test.


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