Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out for a ride

We had such a good time Monday we decided to go for another ride, this time taking the back road up to Mt. Lemmon from Oracle AZ. This road leads to Mt Lemmon which while it's less than 30 miles can and often does take several hours to negotiate to the top requiring a high-clearance vehicle along with stretches of both 4-wheel high and 4-wheel low. The road forks about halfway with the right leading to Mt Lemmon and the left out of the area and back to San Manuel; we decided to go to San Manuel.

The ride from Oracle leads past the Arizona Trail and further up past Peppersauce Campground in the Coronado National Forest. You actually drive on Mt Lemmon Road which turns into a high clearance primitive road once you pass the campground. If you have a high clearance vehicle and want to go exploring in an area that sees few people then take this road if you come to the Tucson area.

Enjoy the images.

We've been getting compliments on the Jeep since picking it up however we weren't quite prepared for the amount of nosing around it received today ...

Thanks for letting us share

Sandy & Don

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  1. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your images. After seeing your work posted on LL and getdpi I was convinced and bought an Alpa. I am shooting film with it for now but will probably buy a digital back for it soon.


  2. Tim

    Thank you for the note and kind words. Congratulations on the Alpa!