Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cambo RS1000 Part II

I wrote what is now Part 1 exactly one week ago today. The intent was to share my thoughts and feelings on my use of the Cambo RS1000 and the Phase One P45+ and somewhere along the line I came to a decision. That decision was to sell every piece of medium format equipment that didn't fit on the RS meaning all my Mamiya lens as well as the Phase One AFD III body. Now don't take this the wrong way as this is not an indictment in any way against the equipment which is some of the very best in the world. I simply wasn't using it any longer. I realized I had used my Mamiya lens exactly twice in six months.

I woke Monday morning and placed an ad on line on two separate websites and within a matter of a couple hours everything was sold. I took this as a clue that I had done the correct thing. The next move is to add additional lens to the Cambo and off I go.

I still have some money coming in and some items to ship however as soon as this is done I'll be calling Chris Lawrey my Phase One dealer at Capture Integration to order Schneider 24mm and 120mm lens along with the new groundglass for the RS. Sandy and I are going to Sedona in mid June for a couple days and I hope to have my new revised kit to shoot the beautiful landscape there so stay tuned for further developments.

There are many aspects that I like shooting a with a technical camera however the major one that comes to mind is the pure quality of the images I get. Using a technical camera such as the Cambo RS 1000 is unlike any camera I've used before; on one hand it's very simple and on the other very technical (how's that for a contradiction). It makes me slow down and think through the image to the point I almost can see the image before I take it. Okay that sounds Zen like but it's the truth.

I'll write more later one once everyone stops laughing!

Thanks for letting me share.


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