Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grand Canyon South Rim

I'm here by myself after Sandy decided to return to Sedona with her girlfriend Claire.

I arrived late Sunday afternoon and have been shooting ever since. July/August is a great time to be here weather wise as the sky is normally filled with clouds. This is also the monsoon season in Arizona and that brings thunderstorms. The weather forecast is calling for isolated thunderstorms for the rest of the week.

I'm also doing things a little different. I normally shoot landscape with a Cambo WRS-1000 and Phase One P45+ digital back; I brought along my old trusty Canon 1Ds II and borrowed Sandy's 24-70 lens. The thought process behind the 1DsII is twofold, one if there's lightning I'll be able to capture it using my lightning trigger. The other reason for the 1Ds II is to get used to having another camera system with me that will shortly be converted to full time infrared capture; currently I'm using a Singh Ray I filter.

Here's a combination of images taken with in medium format and 35mm.

We're surprised at the number of orders for the slideshow and to answer a general question about it, yes Volume Two will be released sometime later this year which will include more images from Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Yosemite. Sandy and I wish to thank everyone who has ordered the first disk.

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