Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jackson Hole WY (week five)

Canon 1DsIII EF70-200 (400mm)

It's Saturday, November 12th and we just noticed we're on our 5th week in the Jackson Hole area.

The past 5-weeks have gone fast - sometimes too fast.  We've been fortunate in capturing beautiful landscape and wildlife images.  We keep telling people we aren't wildlife photographers however we always seem to stop at any herds of Buffalo and Moose.  We've been able to reconnect with past friends and have made new friends during our stay. 

The following are for a good friend of ours, Jim K. in Tucson.

Don has been experimenting using his new P65+ shooting at slower than normal (for him) shutter speeds and getting beautiful water images.  He's also using his Droid 8 megapixel experimenting with locations before dragging out either his Leica or Cambo WRS.

Droid test shot

Droid test shot

Cambo WRS1000,P65+,Schneider 35mm

We've been waiting for the snow to arrive and it finally came last night.  Checking the 10-day forecast it shows snow everyday.  This means the Elk will finally start heading down from the mountains.   

Our truck this morning.

As always, thank-you for allowing us to share our experiences and remember if you have any questions or comments please let us know.

Sandy & Don

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