Friday, October 26, 2012

Breathing Color Vibrance Metallic

We've been offering canvas as our primary media for many years and while we don't intend to stop the practice we have found a new media.  Canvas (Breathing Color Lyve) has been our canvas of choice while we've offered Breathing Color Vibrance Rag for those wanting paper media.  Breathing Color introduced "Vibrance Metallic" a couple months ago and it has been on our "to do" list, however it's been on intergalactic backorder until now.

Sandy and I just completed 8-weeks shooting in the Jackson Hole, Glacier Park and Yellowstone areas and are now back in the studio processing and test printing images.  I noticed shortly before leaving Jackson that Breathing Color had a full selection of metallic in stock and quickly ordered a test roll.
Breathing Color states that Vibrance Metallic offers "Comparable to the look, feel, and quality of the Kodak metallic process." Strong words if you ask me.
I've done 4-test prints since getting the test roll and am blown away with the quality of the prints.  So much so I've just placed and order for a regular roll.
In every test print we've seen rich, vibrant colors with a feel that the images is about to jump off the paper.  It's hard to adequately describe just how beautiful the prints are; both color and black & white.  While all the images have a certain "wet-look" (this is subjective) the black & white offers the look as from a wet-darkroom versus a digital-darkroom.  The colors are just stunning and pop off the page.  I've printed the majority of the images at 16x20 which is the size we feel we'll offer for sale.  The exception was the waterfalls which was printed at 11x14. 

All images were printed on an Epson 9900 following the suggested setting by Breathing Color and using their ICC which can be downloaded from their site. 

To say that we're pleased with Vibrance Metallic is a slight understatement. 

Stay tuned for more news.


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