Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sony NEX-7 and infrared photography

Just a teaser for now.  I've decided to get back into infrared photography after selling my camera a couple years ago. 

The last camera was a Canon 1DsII that I had converted to infrared using a 665nm filter and began searching for a suitable candidate a couple weeks ago.  Don't want to bore anyone with the various cameras I looked at and why they didn't pass muster; however I did decide on the Sony NEX-7.  The 2-main factors in my decision was the ability to swap lenses and 24.3 megapixel.
I was fortunate to pick up a gently used camera from a trusted source last week.  The camera is now in transit to Life Pixel to have the conversion to 665 nm done.  I'm told that I should get the camera back by the end of the month and look forward to sharing more information and images then. 
As I said in the beginning - this is just a teaser so stay tuned for more.

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