Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ceramic Tiles For Sale

 "Bears Talking"
 "Eagle Dance"
"Eagle Dance"
We've been writing about our 6x8 ceramic tiles since late June.  Today we're showing the actual tile.  These tiles are all 6x8 ceramic with a glossy finish.   We took images of the tiles outside in hopes of getting a good representation of what they actually look like.
 "Family Picnic"
 "Moose Cam"
 "Mr. Moose"
"Oxbow Bend"

Currently we're offering 14 tiles at $39.95 each plus shipping and applicable tax (Arizona).  We have 5-tiles shown on our web-gallery and will very shortly add the remanding 9. 

These tiles can be bought directly from the web-gallery or by contacting us directly.
 "Crosses" (Infrared)
"San Lorenzo De Picuris" (Infrared)
As always thank you for allowing us to share our work and we look forward to hearing from you.
Sandy & Don

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