Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Palouse

Sony A7r FE 24-70 (38mm) f/11 1/500 ISO 64
Sony A7r FE 24-70 (122mm) f/8 1/200 ISO 50
Phase One DF/IQ 180 megapixel digital back Schneider LS 240mm f/6.3 1/160 ISO 35
Infrared Farmhouse
Sony A7r FE 24-70 (29mm) f/11 1/250 ISO 100
We returned to the Palouse in June spending the better part of a week traveling around visiting places we photographed before and visiting new locations.
Sony A7r FE 70-200 (200mm) f/8 1/640 ISO 50 (cropped)
Phase One DF/IQ180 45mm f/2.8 1/4000 ISO 35

This was our third visit to the Palouse and we found beautiful, breath taking green fields; wheat fields, and canola fields.  We found old barns, farmhouses, trucks and bar stools.  We were also been fortunate to see neat grain silos and crop dusters.

Phase One DF/IQ180 45mm f/5.6 1/800 ISO 35
Sony A7r FE24-70 (36mm) f/6.3 1/250 ISO 50
Sony A7r FE24-70 (24mm) f/11 1/500 ISO 64
Phase One DF/IQ180 45mm f/8 1/500 ISO 35
The Palouse offers a little of everything for a photographer as we hope we’ve proved with the images in this post.  You need to drive with your eyes open and not be in a rush to get somewhere you think you need to be; if you rush you’ll miss the little things that can turn out more beautiful than you imaged.
Olson Pond
Sony A7r FE 24-70 (34mm) f/13 1/400 ISO 50
Sony A7r FE 24-70 (70mm) f/11 1/160 ISO 50
Phase One DF/IQ180 45mm f/8 1/250 ISO 35
Phase One DF/IQ180 45mm f/8 1/200 ISO 35
Phase One DF/IQ180 Schneider LS 240mm f/6.3 1/200 ISO 35
We found the Palouse to be a magical place to visit with stunning landscape and friendly people.
Phase One DF/IQ180 45mm f/8 1/80 ISO 35
Steptoe Butte
Sony A7r FE 24-70 (92mm) f/ 9 1/400 ISO 50
On the outskirts of the Palouse in Idaho
Sony A7r FE 70-200 (93mm) f/8 1/250 ISO 50
While the majority of these images were captured off a paved road the remaining ones were captured off dirt roads.  Drive the area and you’ll see dirt roads that often have signs indicating that no road marking will be found on them.  These roads offer a treasure trove of interesting spots to view, breathtaking vistas as well as abandoned farmhouses.  Please respect the privacy of the hard working people in the area and take only photographs.
There are plenty of maps to choose from that give excellent information; what is also needed are GPS coordinates as some of the back roads can be extremely confusing.  We added some information below as an aid to finding some of the locations we visited and photographed.  These are named after what we thought best described them (at least to us).  Please use caution as we are not libel for any errors.

Steptoe Overlook (might not be The overlook but we liked it) 
N46° 55.078’ W 117° 10.432’
Old Barn & House
N46° 58.009’ W117° 07.004’
Wooden Grain Silo
N46° 54.838’ W117°29.149’
Inside Silo View (Not certain if this is being torn completely down, not even certain it’ll be there however we found it interesting)
N47°02.028’ W117°11.405’
Old Texaco Station (neat old place and well worth it)
N47°00.571’ W117°36.677’
Eckhart Road House
N47°07.088’ W117°16.346’
Crow Road House On Hill
N47°07.383’ W117°15.929’
Sunset Road House
N47°06.985’ W117°26.875’
Palouse Falls (added this so you’ll know how far it is)
N46°39.836’ W118°13.651’

Some of the images included here have appeared on Instagram.

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