Tuesday, October 18, 2016

100-megapixel Phase One IQ1-100

This isn’t much of an update unless you count the two-images included. 
We had a full moon this past weekend and I took the opportunity to try capturing it using a Phase One XF, Schneider LS 240mm lens and the new 100-megapixel IQ1-100. 
My first thought was to use the 240 with the 2x extender thus making it a 480mm lens however I wanted to experiment seeing just how much of a crop I could get using the 240 as a standalone.  The first image show 2-moons; the top moon is the original as shot while the bottom moon is the same moon at 100% crop.  This was shot at f/11 1/200 ISO 200.
The image below is a 200% crop from the same night using f/11 1/200 ISO 100 for a setting.  While not included, the full non-cropped version is the same size as the example above.
This is just an example of what a 100-megapixel medium format digital back from Phase One can produce.  And yes I’m very pleased.
More to come

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