Friday, August 7, 2009

The Grand Canyon in Black & White

I grew up reading "Life" and "Look" magazines and remember the beautiful black and white images. Slowly color replaced the black and white as it became easier to faithfully reproduce accurate color. I also remember working in a wet darkroom developing rolls of black and white film then printing them. While I primarily shoot color my heart has never forgotten the tones of black and white.

I recently spent 4 days at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon shooting color as usual with my Cambo WRS and P45+; I also brought along my Canon 1Ds II. The sole purpose of bringing the Canon was to shoot "near" infrared using a filter. What I came back with was a surprise.

Everyone now normally thinks of the beautiful colors associated with the Grand Canyon and rightfully so. What I hope to do is show the same beauty of the area in black and white. I've also thrown in some sepia just to make it interesting.


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