Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Traveling in the Navajo Nation

We recently spent the better part of a week traveling around the northern portion of Arizona visiting Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods, Lees Ferry, Marble Canyon, and the area know as the Arizona Strip which includes the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We stayed at the View Hotel while in Monument Valley and the Marble Canyon Lodge in Marble Canyon.

We drove the 17 mile loop through Monument Valley several times during our stay as well as the 17 mile road going through Valley of the Gods which is located less than an hour's drive from Monument Valley. We also drove Buffalo Ranch Road to an area that overlooks a portion of the Grand Canyon without actually entering the park.

We have a few stories and lots of images to share however this will be a teaser with future updates planned over the next couple days so stay tuned.

As we said these are just teasers so stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Sandy & Don
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  1. Can't wait to hear some of the stories from you trip...especially about your stay at the Marble Canyon Lodge...more specifically about your dinner one night at the restaurant there...guess who? :o)

  2. Hi! This wouldn't be the nice couple from NY that brought us dinner? If so be on the look-out for the disk full of images...

    Sandy & Don