Thursday, January 28, 2010

False Kiva

Located somewhere in the Canyonlands National Park hidden inside a cave sits a man-made circle of stone. It's not on any public map and requires a knowledge of hiking and special directions to find it. The name "False Kiva" arises from the uncertainly around the origin of the stones and purpose, not whether it really is an authentic kiva.

Park Rangers are required to disclose the location of the Class II site when asked for specific directions.

I hiked here in February 2008 and stayed there for a couple hours. It turned out not only to be a very difficult hike (the last couple hundred yards are all up hill on very loose rock) but difficult to properly photograph. While I normally like to return to places I shot in this case it will be sometime before I think of returning.

I shot this image using a Mamiya AFDII camera body, Phase One P30+ digital back and a Mamiya 28mm lens.

I'm finally satisfied with the results after two years for working the image.

Thanks for looking and as always comments are welcome


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