Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seneca Lake AZ

We go past a rundown, decrepit area called Seneca on the way to Show Low AZ and till now haven't stopped to explore. There's a series of dilapidated buildings that are just off the road that includes what looks like what may have been a gas station, food mart, general store as well as several other buildings that might have at one time been nice cabins. There's a paved road of sorts; imagine grass and weeds, lots of grass and weeds growing in all the cracks and you might have some understanding. This settlement appears to be the entrance to Seneca Lake although I really didn't have the time to explore further than just off the road. I have done a little digging into the history of Seneca and it appears to be on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation although I still haven't found out why it's in the desperate shape it's in. This isn't anything new as I remember seeing this since 1995 when Sandy & I first drove past.

The reason for stopping is two fold; I like going to what appears to be ghost towns and I felt this was a great place to use the Canon 1DsII I had converted to full time infrared photography using a 665nm filter.

I hope you enjoy the images and if anyone can shed some light on the history please let me know.


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