Saturday, September 3, 2011

Droid X2 & photography

I recently replaced my old Blackberry with a Droid X2; anyone following us on Face Book has seen the mobile uploads. The camera is advertised as being 8-megapixels and that got me wondering. Just how good is it.

We recently took a trip to the North Rim stopping in Sedona before crossing the Navajo Bridge. The original trip was to last several days at the North Rim while staying at the North Rim Lodge. The trip was cut short by several days since we didn't like the idea of spending close to $200 a night only to have to sleep in a cabin that was infested with mice. But I digress. I want to show a sampling of images that were taken with the Droid X2 along the trip.

This is the original image taken with the camera

Same image after processing in CS5 & Nik Software and cropped.

Navajo Bridge
Image processed in CS5 and cropped.

North Rim
Original non-processed image other than a crop

After image; processed in CS5 and Nik Silver Efex Pro and cropped.

While the images appear to be clear and sharp I doubt that they would hold up to printing the size we normally display images. They are however good examples of just how advanced we've become in phone-camera technology.

I'm working on images we took with our regular gear and should have something to share shortly. I'm also working on identifying the lenses used on the last entry "Is the M9 a serious Landscape Camera?"


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