Monday, September 12, 2011

Eastern Pinal Regional Coalition Against Domestic Violence (EPRCADV)


We wrote on August 12th about the raffle being held in support of the EPRCADV and our efforts in donating an artist proof 30x60 of Desert View Panorama.

Tickets went on sale September 1st and while we haven't gotten a count of how many have been sold we have been told by the organizers that they feel they'll have no problems selling all 250.

We're getting ready for another trip however we wanted to share with you that the tickets have gone on sale and that the EPRCADV has been receiving great feedback regarding the raffle. The drawing for Desert View will be held Saturday December 17, 2011. Please note that EPRCADV is a non-profit organization with 100% of the proceeds going to help the Coalition.

The points of contact for the EPRCADV and raffle are:

Linda Kadlecek  520-487-2355

Edie Crall         520-825-3738

Ken Conrad      520-818-0336

Please remember the winner has the sole responsibility of and transport.

We'll continue updating as we get more information.

Sandy & Don

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