Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avalanche Creek

Avalanche Creek is located in Glacier National Park in the upper northwest area of Montana.  The creek runs through Avalanche Gorge as it flows from Avalanche Lake.  A trail runs along the creek leading to Avalanche Lake approximately 2-miles one-way.

Not only is Glacier National Park a "must-see" park, Avalanche Creek should be on the top of any "to-do" list.  Luscious green canopy of moss, ferns and brilliant red rocks greet you on your hike.

You need to be careful as there are some spots where the gorge drops over 40-feet into the water below.  I'll tell on myself.  I was at a particular area which had a small waterfall and wanting to get a better angle attempted to negotiate down a "slight" grade only to end up slipping and finding myself butt first in some very cold water.  I kept the camera dry and after getting out and walking less than 1/2 mile came across the image seen here. 

This was in September 2006 and turned out to be on of the last images I took using a 35mm camera.  I remember sitting on a rock with wet cold pants and equally wet boots however I couldn't pass up the chance to capture this scene.  Using a tripod I captured 11 images to use in making this panorama.

This was captured in 2006 and printed shortly after we returned home; the original print offered was a 60 x 20 image.  I've decided to use the same captures to make a new print series this time 60x24.  The new release is not only slightly larger it also show slightly more of the rushing water than before.  The processing has allowed me to end up with a better image than we had before which will be printed on the Epson 9900 on Breathing Colors Lyve canvas which I feel is much better than was offered 6-years ago.  There will be a total of 10 images printed with the first already spoken for so leaving 9 left.

It's our intention to return to Glacier National Park in the future in hopes of capturing the beauty of Avalanche Creek in medium format; however 6-years is a long time between visits and there's no telling what we'll find there.

This image will shortly be placed in our on-line web gallery with the older image removed.

As always thank you for allowing us to share and remember your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Here's a couple more images from the trip....

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