Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jackson Hole WY in May

Yes, I know its been over a month since the last post. 

This past month has seen us returning to Jackson WY delivering images and a week of shooting in the area.   This week also found me using the new Cambo WDS-1090 compendium hood for the WRS for the first time in the field.  And to top all this off we also decided to up our game in the video department ordering a Canon XG105 video camera which arrived just in time to try it out in Jackson.

This past month has seen the release of Volume IV of our now annual DVD's which include images and footage from our last trip to Jackson. 

Phase One released an update to their software, likewise Adobe released Photoshop CS6 and if that wasn't enough we needed to learn a new program from the XF105.  We'll be using Adobe Premiere Pro to process the video footage as well as produce the future volumes of our DVDs starting with 5.

This is the image I took from the field.  Schneider 35mm and no problems with the hood interfering with the capture.  I've got more samples with movements that I'll be sharing soon.

So, how was the first experience in the field with the Cambo 1090 you ask? 

The following image was taken near Oxbow Bend and shows 3-different processing versions.  The image was taken using the Cambo WRS and later processed using CS6.

It went well.  I've added a couple shots of the camera sitting in the wild, just after taking an image near Elk Flats Road near Moran Junction WY.  The setup time was only slightly longer than normal however it went smoothly.   The lens used was the Schneider 35mm and while the additional attachment meant to hold the viewfinder was unavailable I found it really wasn't necessary.  

I found the attachment adds about 2-inches on top and feel that if I added the viewfinder attachment then the viewfinder itself it would be just a tad too tall to effectively see through it.  Instead after getting the camera leveled and set to where I thought I wanted it I placed the viewfinder on top and handholding it came up with the final adjustments. I used this same setup and system the entire time shooting the Cambo and feel it's the right workflow for me.

Almost forgot to add that we joined the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce on this last trip.

There's more that went on this past month and we'll be sharing later on so stay tuned.


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