Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cambo Groundglass/Loupe Part II

Pfeiffer Beach California
Cambo WRS/IQ160 Rodenstock 40mm tilt/shift f/11 31-seconds ISO 50
Several days ago I shared my thoughts and video on using Cambo's revised groundglass/loupe on my WRS tech camera.  So I thought I'd add to that. 

  Groundglass/loupe attached with the loupe swung open to reveal the groundglass.  

 View of the groundglass
First let me say that while I only had the groundglass/loupe a short time to evaluate, I found I liked it so much I bought it from Dave GallagherOkay, it would have cost less to return it however that isn't the point.  I found it works and works well so I decided to keep it.

Groundglass/loupe attached

Using the groundglass/loupe is a matter of choices.  If you have a fast moving scene such as fast light and or clouds then using the groundglass may slow you down too much and you'd be better off the "old fashion" way of composing (shooting and checking on your digital back).  If you have a Phase IQ back then you could use the live view function so long as you have at least a 3-stop filter.  I think that given enough time I might be able to learn (building muscle memory) to quickly change between the back to the groundglass and return to the back in a short enough time to capture most of the fastest of changing lights; it just take practice.  If the scene was that fast I'd more than likely just swap the back over to the Phase DF and shoot that way.  Again choices....

Mono Lake, California - Very windy and extremely cold
Cambo WRS/IQ160 40mm f/11 13-seconds ISO 50
I ended up only doing 3-shots here due to the extreme conditions.
Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley California
Cambo WRS/IQ160 40mm f/11 1/500 ISO50
The Racetrack, Deat Valley California
2-shot panorama
Cambo WRS/IQ160 40mm f/11 1/500 ISO50

We're back from our latest trip and the images shared here were all taken with the WRS using the groundglass/loupe first to compose and focus.  I'll admit that the number of shots taken at each location was reduced due primarily to using the groundglass.   I've found I had no problem with critical focus despite the fact I normally wear tri-focal glasses.

Badwater, Death Valley California
2-shot vertical panorama
Cambo WRS/IQ160 40mm f/8 1/80 ISO50

While I've only had the groundglass/loupe a short while I highly recommend it.  Don't take my word for it.  Watch the video that was included in the previous write-up then contact your medium format camera dealer for a test spin.  If you don't have a dealer then I strongly recommend Capture Integration as a dealer you can trust.  

Thank you as always for allowing me to share our experiences. 


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