Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shooting Infrared with a Sony Nex-7 Part-2

20mm f/11 1/200 ISO 100.  Processed into black & white using Nik Sliver Efex Pro 2

A couple days ago I shared my initial experience shooting IR with the Sony Nex-7 and spoke briefly on the processing aspect of the files.
20mm f/11 1/200 ISO 100.  Processed into black & white using Nik Sliver Efex Pro 2
The samples included here were all shot mid to late morning May 10th in Rhyolite Ghost Town, Nevada.  I've been here several times however this was the first shooting IR.  I came here with no clear objective or certain outcome in mind.  As I shot the old buildings I saw in my mind that most would look better as black & white although a couple held a surprise for me.
20mm f/8 1/125 ISO 100 This files just looks better if kept in "false" color
The next 3-samples are the same file showing 3-different views.  The first is what the RAW file processed only using Sony's Image Data Converter.  The second sample is with a false-color action applied and the last has been converted using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.  The image was captured using the Sony 20mm pancake lens at f/11 1/125 with the ISO 100.
At the end of what I consider the main street sits the only structure that looks to be intact.  This building sits behind a tall chain-link fence with warning signs posted.  The more I saw this building the more I wanted to do something unusual thus the next 3-samples.  The image was captured using the Sony 20mm pancake lens at f/11 1/125 with the ISO 100.  The file was first rendered in Sony Image Data Converter before opening in CS6 where I used a false-color action before opening Nik HDR Efex Pro and processing to taste.
But first the sign...
I'm willing to share more IR thoughts should there be interest.



  1. Don, I just read your good comments on using the Sony NEX-7 to shoot IR. Have you posted any other comments regarding the NEX-7 using IR? I'm especially interested how you get your WB. I have two NEX-7s, one converted to 590nm, the other to Full Spectrum. Neither seem capable of getting WB, but I'm getting better images with the 590nm. The Full Spectrum using exterior filters B+W 090 for 590nm, B+W 091, for 630nm, and 665nm are all disappointing. Any suggestions, or further blogs to check?

  2. Don, have you posted anymore regarding using your Sony NEX-7 for IR? I have two NEX-7s converted to 590nm and Full Spectrum, and cannot seem to establish the WB in either. Any suggestions?

  3. I've written a couple more blogs since this one and while they address using a 7R the basics remain the same.


    The best method I've found so far for WB is to capture a frame using an Exposedisc then creating the WB from that in post. The downside to this is that you really can't see the effects until you are in post. Goot luck and let me know if I can help anymore. Don