Friday, July 26, 2013

Ceramic Art Tiles For Sale

For years we've had total control over our images; from capture to display we've left our DNA on each and every canvas print we've sold.  While our primary printing has been on canvas we've also done printing on paper and only relinquished control when it came to matting and framing.  That level of control has extended to our DVDs with us setting the images and videos where we wanted them, choosing the music, burning the DVD and printing the label.  In short if not total control near total control of everything we offer.

That's changing with our offering 6x8 ceramic tiles.  The tiles will be "Open Stock" and offered at what we believe a reasonably price.  The one thing that's different is that we won't be the ones printing the tiles.  We've outsourced our tile printing to Tony LeBoeuf, owner of 

After a very lengthily conversation (sorry about that Tony) we feel comfortable in trusting Tony with our work.  What impressed us the most was his willingness to try printing infrared images (something he's never done before) for free to see how they turned out.  After waiting for the UPS delivery to come we were extremely pleased with the result.  So pleased that we've now placed an order of 5-images to be printed.

San Lorenzo De Picuris (Infrared)
The images included here are the sample infrared tiles that were provided.  These as well as  a mix of landscape and wildlife will become available for sale shortly. 
Each tile measures 6x8 and will have an easel backing attached to allow display on a tabletop or hung from a wall; your choice.  These along with the other tiles will be available for $39.95 plus shipping and handling.

We'll post the other tiles just as soon as we receive them.

Sandy & Don




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