Thursday, December 26, 2013

Phase One 240LS with a Schneider 2x Extender

As many know thanks to Dave Gallagher and CaptureIntegration,  I've had the pleasure of testing the 240LS and 2x extender while in Jackson Hole WY.

The very first day of using this combination on my Phase One DF/IQ160 I was fortunate to capture a gallery print of a Buffalo in the snow.  We began with what we felt was small shooting Big Horn Sheep at distances as close as several yards out to several hundred feet.  Leaving the Big Horn Sheep we shot Buffalo, Moose and Elk with great results.

f/12 1/400 ISO 200 Full Frame

100% crop

As good as I thought this lens combination is, I wasn't prepared for what happened next.  The Snake River at Oxbow Bend is normally frozen this time of year.  This year however there's a small patch that's open.  We've driven past here several times and noticed Ducks in the water and never stopped until a couple days ago when we saw a couple large brown "things" laying by the waters edge.  Otters!  The first day we stopped was great watching this family of 7 fish and horse around; too bad the conditions weren't good for photography with blowing snow.  That all changed the next day with clear skies.
Sitting on the side of the road several hundred feet away we were able to capture some of the best small animal images we ever had to date.  Sandy with a Sony NEX7 and 200mm lens and I with the 240/2x extender sat for a couple hours watching, enjoying and photographing the Otters. 
f/16 1/400 ISO 200 Full Frame

100% crop
We will be sharing Sandy's images later however since I wanted to speak about the 240LS/2x extender only those captured with that combination are shown here. 
I think the images speak for themselves.  I've included added 8-images.  The images include the full frame as well as a 100% crop.  These are a very small sample of the keepers from that day.
f/16 1/400 ISO 200 Full Frame

100% crop

All images were captured using a window mount and/or a shutter release cable or my finger.  The weather was clear with no snow and little wind, however it was hovering around 10 degrees the entire time.  What I've quickly discovered is how simple and easy to focus using the larger focal ring.  Very nice with gloves on.
f/16 1/400 Full Frame
100% crop
I still have the lens for several more days and have already decided to buy it.  Please stay tuned for more samples.   
Thank you for allowing me to share.  Please remember to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this lens combination.  
Lastly, thank you Dave.



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