Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Retired in ..." series

We've been collecting old beat-up vehicles on our trips throughout the southwest and have decided to offer them as a series.  Each image is 28x16 and offered either as a finished canvas print (stretched ready to hang) or on glossy paper.  Canvas prints $145 each, or 2 or more at $125 each.  Glossy paper prints are $65 each, or 2 or more for $50 each.  The prices quoted do not include Arizona taxes or shipping and handling.

Currently we have 7-vehicles to offer.  We are keeping these true to the state they were found.  "Retired in Arizona" was found off I-40 just as you enter Arizona; "Retired in Colorado" was found in Delta; "Retired in Idaho" was found in Victor; "Retired in New Mexico" was found just east of Albuquerque off I-40; "Retired in Texas" was found off I-20 near Big Springs; "Retired in Utah" was found in Moab; and "Retired in Wyoming" was found very near Jackson.
"Retired in Arizona"

"Retired in Colorado"

"Retired in Idaho"

"Retired in New Mexico"

"Retired in Texas"

"Retired in Utah"

"Retired in Wyoming"
We'll be placing these in our web gallery shortly; however, in the meantime please feel free to contact us for further information or for purchase.  We haven't stopped looking so more will be added to the series as we find them.
Sandy & Don

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