Friday, September 5, 2014

Metal Prints

We've been keeping this under wraps until we knew for sure we are pleased with the end result.

The "Retired in ..." series is now be offered printed on metal with a choice of mounting.  You'll have the choice of a "flush" or "float" mount; both are approximately 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) or more from the wall.

The flush mount has the image mounted directly to a metal frame and has a wire for wall display. The float mount has a metal block attached to the rear with 3-mounting slots.
The weight of either mounting is surprisingly light and little more than what the stretched canvas weighs.

We're attempting to keep the pricing as reasonable as possible with the float frame at $245 and flush frame at $295.  Turn around time from ordering to shipping is anticipated to be 14 to 16 business days.
The entire Retired series will be placed in its own gallery shortly on the our website so stay turned. 

Remember the holidays are just around the corner!
Sandy & Don


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