Saturday, January 2, 2016

Shooting the Schneider LS 35mm lens

Along Mather Point Rim
f/4.5 1/100 ISO 35
First a little back ground – I used a Cambo WRS technical camera for over 8-years as my primary method of capturing landscape images.  I also supplemented the Cambo first with a Leica M9 before switching back to a Phase One DF until the new and greatly improved XF body was released.  Phase One has upped their game with the release of the Schneider LS 75-150 and 40-80 zoom lenses that offer great image quality (both of which I now own).  I don’t want to forget about the 240LS nor the older 28D which I save for special occasions.
f/3.5 1/125 ISO 50
My primary lens on the Cambo WRS was the beautiful Rodenstock 40mm HR with tilt/swing.  I felt I would be using this combination for years to come; that is until the release of the Schneider LS 35mm.  This lens was a game changer for me.  While it lacks tilt/swing the image quality is as good as any technical lens I’ve used in the past.
f/3.5 1/200 ISO 50

The 35LS is so good I used the Cambo to finance buying it; so now I am only using one system to capture landscape, the new Phase One XF body and a choice of superior lenses.
As seen on Instagram
3-shot panorama on tripod
f/8 1/15 ISO 35
The above image has been printed at 40x60 and is stunning.
I had the opportunity to really put the 35LS through its paces in December during a weeklong shoot at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. While I also carried the 40-80 and 75-150, the lens I used the most was the 35LS.  And rightfully so as the Grand Canyon screams for wide angle. (all images posted here were captured using the Schneider LS 35mm.)
As seen on Instagram
f/3.5 1/100 ISO 50

Let me address one thing.  Yes I also have the 40-80LS which by itself is a beautiful lens that comes at a cost.  Weight.  The lens weighs 4.1 lbs 65 oz (1860g).  Compared to the 40-80 the 35LS is a lightweight at 3.02 lbs (1370g).  The 35LS has the same filter size, same dimensions, yet is slightly faster and weighs almost a full pound less.  The slightly wider angle of coverage and lighter weight make this a great walk around lens.  I used the 40-80 in Bryce Canyon walking/hiking there for several miles and at the end of the day felt it.  Using the 35LS in the Grand Canyon and again walking/hiking several miles per day I could tell the difference.
As seen on Instagram
f/4.0 1/200 ISO 35
Talking about how much the individual lens weighs is okay but I’d be more interested in how much the XF, IQ180 and lens weighs so I weighed them.  The XF and the IQ180 weighs in at 5 pounds (2.26kg); put the 40-80LS and it weighs 9.2 pounds (4.17kg) while the 35LS weighs in at 8.2 (3.71kg).  The weight difference might not seem like much but after 2-miles it adds up.

As seen on Instagram
3-shot panorama
f/8 1/100 ISO 35
The above image is now the largest panorama we’ve offered at 80x40 (203x101 cm).
The 35LS is a welcome addition to my kit and will be used when I need to go wide and fast as well as when I need it walk around.
I wish to thank a good friend Dave Gallagher CEO of Capture Integration who has helped me keep my dream alive.  You can look however you'll not find a better camera dealer.
Happy New Year to everyone.







  1. Hello,
    do you use a filter or a filterholder at the Schneider 35mm LS for your landscape pics?

    1. The short answer is yes; however no filters were used for the images posted here.

      The slightly longer answer is that during this period I was forced to use 2-seperate types of filters due to a limitation in filter ring size (hope that makes sense. I use a Lee SW150 system for my Mamiya 28mm and Cokin X-Pro system for the other lenses as Lee didn't offer a ring size available for 2-of my wider lenses. That's changed however. Lee now offers a 105mm ring adaptor which I need for my Schneider 35 LS and 40-80 lenses. With this improvement I am now able to use one filter system on all my lenses. I now use the Lee SW150 on all my lenses and am currently in the process of selling my Cokin system. I've found both Cokin and Lee to be excellent systems however having the ability to now pack just one system (Lee) greatly reduces the entire process. Thanks for asking. Don

  2. Excellent images, Don! Thank you!