Thursday, March 27, 2008

Changes & Congratulations


We’ve added links to some of our favorite sites they’re under the heading of “Other places to visit” yes our website is there too…

We are experimenting with what Google calls AdSense this should place ads that are relevant to this blog, specifically photographic in nature – if it works fine – if it doesn’t then we’ll taken them down.


March has been a very good month for our friends; first Ken Doo (Kendoophotography) wins an accolade of excellence for one of his fine art landscape images. Way to go my brother from a ‘nother mother!

Our next wish of congratulations goes to a certain Deputy Sheriff on the LASD who will be retiring March 31st. Way to go Bro! Now you’ll have the time to really learn the new camera and maybe do some landscape work. Remember - be safe the end is near….

That’s it from this end

Sandy & Don

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