Monday, March 24, 2008

This and that

We’ve had a few inquires as to what we shoot and where the heck we got our equipment from so here goes.

Up till just a couple weeks ago Sandy shot all her images with a Canon 5D. The 5D is a really good camera, however Sandy wanted just a little more and decided to move up to the new 1Ds III. So far with two outings under our belts, the 1Ds III is great. The file size, auto focus, ease of use is outstanding as it should be being the flagship of the Canon professional line. Sandy likes the new camera so much the 5D has already been sold.

Up till February 2007, Don took all his images with a Canon 1Ds II – landscape and nature. Wanting to move up to a better system for landscape he decided to make the move to medium format and since then hasn’t looked back. Don uses a Mamiya 645 AFD II camera body and a Phase One P30+ digital back for all his landscape work. The file size and image quality are first rate. Medium format maybe the way to shoot gorgeous landscape images but it simply will not do for wildlife when the critters are moving around too fast; for that Don still uses his Canon 1Ds II.

We have a huge stock of lens for both the Canons as well as the Mamiya ranging from 17-40 to 400mm for the Canons and 28mm to 300mm for the Mamiya.

Where do we go for our equipment? The lenses have been brought all over the place from E-bay to professional camera stores. The Canon 1Ds III as well as the Mamiya and Phase One P30+ were brought from one place, Capture Integration. We have developed a very strong and lasting relationship with Chris Lawery at Capture Integration and whole hardly endorse them. Anyone who might be considering medium format photography or a purchase of a Canon should check them out.

Link to: Capture Integration

Till next time

Sandy & Don

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