Tuesday, March 18, 2008


WOW! Its been several months since we last updated.

We made the decision to redo our website thus we moved from Smugmg.com and opened our new site in early February. The new site is (we think) cleaner and offers just the best of our images. We had a choice to add a shopping cart but decided against that as we would prefer to speak to the client prior to them placing an order, besides if we were going to spend several hundreds to thousands of dollars we would prefer to speak to someone before handing over the cash - it just makes sense.

We went to Carmel CA to celebrate Don's 60th birthday with a very good friend and very talented photographer, Ken Doo http://kendoophotography.com/. Had a great time visiting Carmel and the Big Sur area and went as far North as Pigeon Point Lighthouse; one of the oldest and tallest in the US.

Sandy took this with her Canon 5D and the really great Canon 400DO lens. This was actually the last trip that Sandy used the 5D as she got the Canon 1Ds III shortly afterwards.

Walter Borchenko, Editor and producer of Knowledge Integrated interviewed Don for Phase One's January/February on-line issue of "Phaseplus". This edition was released during the same time we were in California.

Since returning home from California we've been busy printing and filling orders as well as the never ending planning state for our upcoming Alaska trip. We'll be leaving Arizona in mid May driving up to Alaska and returning home around mid July with stops in Fairbanks, Denali, and Homer. And of course Dawson Creek BC and the beautiful ALCAN Highway!

And just to keep everyone up to date, we just returned from the Tonto Lower Cliff Dwellings where Sandy had a chance to finally take the 1Ds III out and make beautiful images.

Sandy took this with the 1Ds III and 17-40mm lens

And as a comparison to medium format, the following was taken with Don's Mamiya 645 AFD II and Phase One P30+ digital back utilizing the Mamiya 28mm lens.

Well this enough of an update for now, we promise to be better in the future.

If you want to learn more about medium format photography the very best place to go is Capture Integration of Atlanta GA - Chris Lawery, My Medium Format Guy At Capture Integration

Until next time.....

Sandy & Don

edit: This is the first time posting images to the blog if they turn out too small we'll attempt it over again or just go to our website Iron Creek Photography

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