Monday, March 22, 2010

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Located within an hours drive from where we live near Tucson AZ is the Casa Grande Ruins in Coolidge AZ. The closest large town is Casa Grande approximately 15 miles Chandler (30 miles) and Marana (45 miles). If you visit this site in the summer expect a very hot and very dry climate with temperatures often over 110 degree Fahrenheit. It does cool down in the winter with temperatures in the 80s.

Four stories high and 60 feet long, it is the largest known structure from the Hohokam times; with its walls facing the four cardinal points of the compass. The structure is protected by a large metal roof supported by four great pillars, designed by architect Frederick Law Olmstead Jr. and is meant to protect the structure from the harsh desert sun.

The images included were taken either by Sandy with her Canon 1DsIII and 28-135mm lens of Dons Leica M9 using a combination of the 35 f/2 or 50 f/2 lens.

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