Monday, March 15, 2010

Iron Creek Photography DVD Volume 2

We released our first DVD on July 1, 2009 and since then we've had numerous inquires of when volume 2 was being released.

We're pleased to announce that we just completed Volume 2 which will go on sale tomorrow, March 16th. Volume 1 has a running time of approximately 23 minutes, covering such places as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moab, Montana, California, Alaska and wildlife. Volume 2 has a running time of approximately 26 minutes with images from Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Mono Lake, Big Sur and again, wildlife. Volume 2 also includes infrared images.

The cost of individual DVDs remain at $20.00 plus shipping and handling. If you order 2 DVDs the price is $36.00 plus shipping and handling. You can use the PayPal button on the right of this screen to place your order or feel free to contact us at

Sandy & Don

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