Saturday, March 27, 2010

Leica M9 Challenge

Call me nuts however after watching a couple humming birds visit us in our back yard I decided to see what if anything I could do using the Leica M9 and the Summarit 90mm f/2.5. I set the camera for auto ISO with a range of 160 to 400 and used a combination of auto and manual exposure.

The images from the yard were all shot at a distance of approximately 8 feet and were overall a disappointment. The following images are from that first experiment.

These images were all taken in the humming bird enclosure at the Sonora Desert Museum which is located within a 30 mile drive from our house. Now these I like!

I feel I'm pushing the M9 towards the edge of what it and I can accomplish however it's a heck of a ride getting there!

This will be part one of a two part post showing images taken while at the Desert Museum where Sandy used her Canon 1DsIII 28-135mm lens and I used the Leica M9 and 90mm.

Enjoy and Part Two coming soon.


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