Monday, May 17, 2010

Monument Valley

Canon 1DsIII 28-135mm lens 41 mm focal length f5.6 1/1000 ISO 400

We arrived here early Saturday afternoon finding blue skies and scattered clouds which stayed through Sunday. It's Monday morning and we're about to go through Monument Valley one more time on our way to Moab where we plan on visiting Canyonlands and Arches National Parks and Deadhorse State Park.

Canon 1DsIII 28-135mm lens 135mm focal length f5.6 1/2500 ISO 400

Canon 1DsIII 28-135mm lens 135 mm focal length f5.6 1/1250 ISO 400

Canon 1DsIII 28-135mm lens 109 mm focal length f5.6 1/1200 ISO 400

Canon 1DsIII 28-135mm lens 50 mm focal length f/4.5 1/2500 ISO 250

Leica M9 Summicron 35mm f/11 1/350 ISO 160

Leica M9 Summarit 90mm f/16 1/125 ISO 320

Leica M9 Summicron 35mm f/9.5 1/500 ISO 160

Cambo WRS1000/P45+ Schneider 120mm 3 shoot pano f/8 1/125 ISO 50

Leica M9 Summarit 90mm f/9.5 1/500 ISO 160 (2-shot pano)

Stay tuned for more...

Sandy & Don

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