Sunday, June 6, 2010

Photoshop CS5 (64bit) and Nik Viveza 2 (Part II)


On May 26th I wrote a brief review of sorts on CS5 and Viveza 2; I'd like to expand a little today.

There are a couple of things I need to make clear first primarily the fact that I do my processing on a PC. My main studio computer is a Dell Precision 690 dual quad core with 24GB RAM currently operating VISTA 64 Ultimate (I've got plans to upgrade to Win 7 within the month). My main studio laptop is also a PC, a Dell Precision M6400 that has been upgraded to Win 7 (64). Both of these computers have CS5 and Nik Viveza software installed.

I've been wanting to use Nik software for sometime now with the only thing holding me back was a lack of 64bit support. Yes I understand there's a work around that would force me to open Photoshop in 32but mode, use Nik, save, close Photoshop and reopen in 64 bit and continue with the processing. One of the major drawbacks is the amount of RAM I'd have available to me in 32bit mode added to the fact that this type of workflow is very burdensome, time-consuming, and just plain sucks. I was very excited by the news that Viveza 2 was the first of the filters to actually be compatible with 64bit. I downloaded the 15-day trail loaded on the computer and watched as it embedded itself to my copies of CS4 and 5 both 32 and 64bit. Very easy very user friendly. I now have plans of loading more filters as they become available in 64bit mode.

I've been very pleased with how Viveza 2 and CS5 get along. I'm equally pleased with the recent improvements to CS5 chiefly the content awareness function which I believe is worth the price of upgrading by itself.

I'd like to offer an image I just processed earlier today. This was taken on a jeep trail near Dead Horse State Park and overlooks the Colorado River and Meander Canyon; I believe Anticline Overlook is in the distance. Sunset was around 8:30 P.M. local time with the images taken at 8:10. The image is a result of 2 handheld shots with the Leica M9 and Summarit 90mm set at f/9.5 1/90 and an ISO of 400.

I opened these images into CS5 using the Photomerge function under the Tool section of CS5 Bridge. Once opened in CS5 and merged I then flattened the image and using a combination of the Lasso Tool and Fill I filled in a few errant areas before cropping to taste. Content-aware was selected in Fill and did a great job. Once I had the image filled in and cropped to an area I liked I then processed the image using HDR Toning found under Image Tab underneath "Adjustments". After duplicating the image I then opened Viveza 2 from the filter tab and completed the processing.

The image at the top of the page is the before while the after is directly below.

While this might not answer a lot of questions on the two programs,; however it more than answers mine. If you have any questions please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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