Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phase One P30+ and P45+ Medium Format Digital Backs

My first real experience capturing landscape images with digital medium format was with a Phase One P30+ digital back. The Phase One P30+ has a crop factor of 1.3 and a CCD size of 44.2x33.1 (mm) and pixel size of 6.8x6.8 (micron) with a resolution of 31.6 megapixels. I truly loved using this back and feel that I might still have it today if I hadn't changed my camera gear.

Speaking of camera gear; I used the Mamiya 645AFD when I first got the P30+ then later changed to the Phase 745AFDIII after it was first released. I made the change to shooting a technical camera shortly after Phase released their camera body ending up selling all my non-technical camera gear within 6-months.

I said earlier that I'd most likely still be using the P30+ and the sole reason I made the upgrade to the P45+ was the sad fact the P30+ was not capable of be used with a technical camera (where movements are very normal). The Phase One P45+ offers a lens crop of 1.1, a CCD size of 49.1x36.8 (mm) and pixel size of 6.8x6.8 (micron) with a resolution of 39 megapixels.

I've shared many images here taken with both the P30+ and P45+ however never at the same time thus the purpose of this edition.

There's no way that this can or should be considered a test or comparison between these two digital backs however the following images are samples of what you can expect to achieve.

South Rim Grand Canyon - Phase One P30+, Mamiya 645 AFDII, Mamiya 28mm lens (December 29, 2007).

South Rim Grand Canyon - Phase One P45+, Cambo WRS1000 and Schneider 72mm lens (December 15, 2009).

One of the last images I took using the Phase One AFDIII, Mamiya 28mm lens along with the Phase One P45+ (January 28, 2009).

While the P30+ along with either a Mamiya or Phase One camera body is capable of capturing stunning landscape images I nevertheless have no regrets whatsoever with my decision in moving to the Cambo WRS1000 technical camera and the P45+ as I feel I've able to get even better image captures.

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