Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eleanor Brown Photography

I've "known" Eleanor for several years first meeting her on Luminous Landscape then again on GetDpi. While we've never actually met in the traditional way I feel I have. Eleanor has also communicated with my very best friend Ken Doo shortly after he upgraded his Phase One digital back to the P65 which resulted in Eleanor in doing so as well. Come to think about it, I not sure Eleanor would consider either Ken or myself friends - more enablers...

But then again what else are friends for?

I've added a new link to the right side of this screen which will take you directly into Eleanor's website and blog. Eleanor is what a photographer should strive to be; one that protects and captures our environment thus saving it for future generations to see and enjoy. I look forward to the day we actually meet.

I invite you to visit Eleanor Brown Photography.


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