Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stepping outside the box

I feel that no matter what we do for a living we need to every once in a while take a step or two outside our comfort zone. I normally shoot landscape and some nature/wildlife images and I'm very happy doing just that. I've got friends who shoot wedding, portrait work as well as commercial photography and they wish they could do more landscape. These same friends will sometimes call and vent if they had a particularly hard client. "I don't look like that" or "Do I really look like that" are terms I've heard; of course there's the "I couldn't possibly look that bad - it's all your fault". Each and every time I hear something like that I thank my lucky stars I choose to do what I do. I've never had a tree tell me that I made its bark look too big...

All this aside you need to every once in awhile take that step.

We have good friends and neighbors living across the street that divide their time between Tucson and St Paul MN. They came to Sandy asking if I'd be willing to take their photo knowing that I don't normally do that type of photography. They even said they'd act like a babbling brook. How could I possibly pass that up?

We had them come over to the house and not too certain who was more nervous, them or me; of course they said they both hate having their photos taken. So, with camera set on the tripod and the sun setting away we went. Sandy loaned me her Canon 1DsIII and we used the 24-70 lens.

The rest is history.

I want to thank Patti and Bob Moran for allowing me to take that step and for letting me share the images.

It seems I take this step every couple years.  This is a High School photograph for a very dear friend.  This young lady is months away now of getting her degree in nursing.

Thank you as always for allowing me to share.


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