Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Holidays from Iron Creek Photography

We've been home from Jackson Hole for slightly over a month and in that time we've been busy. We celebrated Thanksgiving with dear friends having the usual too much fun and food. We've also been busy sorting all the images from those we liked and those we didn't, those we wanted to work on to offer as prints and those we'll include in our net DVD. We've printed several images one in particular is stunning - "Aspens". The Aspen image has been printed on canvas and stretched to 20x40 and is currently being displayed at Claire's Cafe and Gallery in Catalina AZ.

We also been busy adding images to our on-line gallery and so far have added Aspens, Old Warrior and Old School. We've also decided to slowly revamp the on-line galleries to include a price for the image; you see the recent results if you visit the "New Works" portion.

We aren't anywhere near done with the Jackson Hole images and look forward to several months before we are. In the meantime we leave for Farmington NM shortly where we'll be spending time at Shiprock and the Bisti Wilderness. We'll be back in the Tucson area before Christmas where we'll remain till late February when we make a return trip to Yosemite.

The Leica 135mm lens has been at the doctors now since shortly after returning from Jackson and no real timeframe of its return. We had hoped to have it for this upcoming trip however we're confident we'll have it for Yosemite. We could have kept the lens as is with the ever so slight oil on one of the shutter blades however we felt we had more than sufficient time to get it looked at. We sent the lens to Sherry Krauter for the inspection and repair who had to send it on to Leica due to a unforeseen problem in disassembly. Sherry has been great keeping us in the loop and we hope to offer a write-up after the lens is returned.

Our next post will be from the Shiprock area.

Sandy & Don

On a slightly different note: Our main "on the road" computer has been a Dell M6400, Extreme Q9300, 2.53GHz Quad Core with dual disk drives, 16GB RAM and Windows 7 Ultimate (upgraded from Vista 64). This thing is a beast! It's is the first laptop computer that is as close to performance as our studio computer thus allowing us to process images while still on the road. The only and major drawback to this computer is the power brick it takes to keep it running and charge the batteries. The term "brick" is not misleading as it's the same size as a brick and weighs slightly more. I expected the computer to weigh what it does, I didn't expect the AC power adapter to weigh as much as it does not be the size it is; makes packing this thing a serious pain. I've done research off and on for the past 2-years trying to find a suitable replacement and finally came across the new Slim-Line Laptop AC DC Adapter Charger (click here for more information). I ordered it off and it arrived this afternoon. Simply put - it works! It has the same footprint as the OEM however it's half the width and weighs much less. I plugged the computer in and it powered it up right away and it shows it charging the battery just the same as the OEM. Anyone out there who has the M6400 and is not satisfied with the size of the power brick should look into this. I believe Dell is shipping somthing similar to this with their new M6500.

Just wanted to pass on the good news.


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