Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An iPad in a PC world

We bought an iPad last year after our return from Jackson Hole. The reason besides simply wanting one was having a device to show/share images. I've been busy the past couple weeks with final processing and printing several images from Jackson along with finalizing the next volume of our DVD collection aptly named "Iron Creek Photography Volume III".

I use ProShow Producer to produce the DVDs adding video, images and music and have been very pleased with the software and the resulting files it produces. Taking a break in image processing I went on-line and wanting to see what app I could find for the iPad I ran across a small entry addressing a plug-in for ProShow Producer and the ability to run our shows on an iPad. The plug-in cost less than $20.00 and after entering the license key into ProShow I was able to save Volume III into a set of files that could then be loaded onto an iPad.

There's 3-files which I copied into a new directory then plugged in the iPad. I placed the directory containing the 3-files in my iPad folder and as soon as I plugged the iPad into my Dell M6400 it synced placing the file called Volume III into Photos where it shows up as a video.

We've been offering the DVD's for $20 each or $36 for 2 and $55 for all three volumes. I'm uncertain if we'll actually start offering Volume III as an iPad download however I just proved to myself that it works.

Getting ready to head out to California to meet up with Ken Doo and Dave Gallagher and hopefully Doug Peterson first for a full day of in-depth training in Capture One Pro 6 then later on shooting in Yosemite and Death Valley by myself.

Please contact me if anyone is interested in obtaining Volume III for their iPad.


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