Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jackson Hole WY Week Two (Canon 1DsIII)

Canon 1DsIII EF24-70 (70mm) f/8 1/160 ISO 125

Canon 1DsIII EF24-70 (70mm) f/8 1/250 ISO 100

Canon 1DsIII EF24-70 (70mm) f/11 1/250 ISO 100

We're at the end of our second week in the Jackson Hole area and faced with too many images to share in one blog so we decided to separate the images by camera.  We've shown samples of what was done with the Leica M9 and are now showing images from the Canon 1DsIII.

Canon 1DsIII EF24-70 (70mm) f/8 1/125 ISO 100

Canon 1DsIII EF 135mm f/11 1/200 ISO 250

These images are from the National Elk Refuge , Flat Creek Road area, Curtis Canyon, Flagg Ranch, Grassy Lake Roads, Polecat Creek, and Cascade Creek.  We've also included images from Lewis River (Yellowstone National Park) and Teton National Park.

Canon 1DsIII EF135mm f/11 1/200 ISO 250

Canon 1DsIII EF 135 f/8 1/100 ISO 100

We've put a couple miles on the truck and many hours in the field this week and are very pleased with what we've accomplished.

Canon 1DsIII EF 135mm f/7.1 1/250 ISO 125

Canon 1DsIII EF 24-70 (25mm) f/8 1/125 ISO 100

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Deep in a medow
Canon 1DsIII EF 135mm f/8 1/250 ISO 100 

First elk of the season (we weren't fast enough...)
Canon 1DsIII EF 135mm f/11 1/250 ISO 100

Next up the Cambo WRS1000/Phase One P65+
Sandy & Don

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