Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shooting the P65+ at slow shutter speeds

f/5.6 2.0 ISO100

f/5.6 21.0 ISO100

I wanted to test a theory about capturing rushing water using a neutral density filter (3-stop) attached to a Cambo WRS with a P65+ and 72mm Schneider lens.  I packed everything up to return to Granite Creek this morning to see just how well this combination would work.

f/5.6 20.0 ISO100

f/5.6 15.0 ISO100

The majority of the f/stop was set at 5.6; however when looking more directly towards the sun I stop the Schneider 72mm down to f/32 and sometimes just f/16.  I kept the ISO at 100 for all image captures.  Then there's the shutter; the fastest time used was 2-seconds and the longest 32-seconds.

f/5.6 5.0 ISO100

f/5.6 32.0 ISO100

f/5.6 16.0 ISO100

So what did I learn?  The P65+ is more than capable of producing long shutter activations; and, using the equipment described above I was able to get what I refer to as smokey water.

Anyone else see a shark?
f/16 21.0 ISO100

f/32 16.0 ISO100

Let me know if you have any comments or questions.


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