Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wyoming Buffalo

We're now entering the time where buffalo and elk are heading into the Jackson Hole area.  We've been noticing the buffalo herds near Moran Junction slowly growing in numbers with many new born calves.  

Don went out with a WY State Trooper Sunday afternoon showing him our Ford Raptor and went by Moran Junction where they saw what looked like the convergence of at least 2-herds of buffalo.  We returned Monday afternoon to see that they're still there.

The majority of the images included here were taken with the Canon 1DsIII and the EF 70-200 lens.  While we had the new Canon 1.4 and 2 extenders we found they weren't needed as most of the buffalo were very close to the road. 

We've included a few of the images attempted with the Leica M9 and 135mm just to give an example of its capability.

We've had great success the first part of the week shooting sunrise to sunset and frankly we're tired so today is a catch-up day with reviewing and initial processing of images as well as equipment cleaning.

We don't want to close this without sharing images of a Bald Eagle we stumbled upon yesterday while exploring the Granite Creek area.

Once again, thank you for allowing us to share and remember your comments, thoughts, and suggestions are always welcome.
Sandy & Don

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