Friday, January 13, 2012

Breathing Color Lyve Canvas

My Breathing Color Lyve order arrived here later this afternoon thanks to UPS. I was going to wait till the morning to do my first major print (60x30) however I decided to jump right in.  

I've spent the day printing test images on the 17" roll I had ordered and am very pleased with the results. I normally run my own profiles however Ken Doo has been using Lyve for some time now volunteered to send me his (we use the same identical printer and ink) so that saved me a lot of time. 

The image being printed is of Oxbow Bend which is 60x30 or 64x34 actual print image before stretching. After making certain all the boxes that needed to be checked were, I started the print process.

 The images were all captured using my Droid cell phone (yeah I know high tech) at various intervals during the printing process. It took slightly over 86 minutes to complete the print which looks great. The plan is to protect it in the morning using Glamour II before stretching early Sunday morning.

Stay tuned as I plan on updating this to include my thoughts of the stretching.



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