Friday, September 14, 2012

Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park

"Emerald Pool"
Cambo WRS/IQ160 Schneider 35mm 3-shot panorama
We've been going into Yellowstone Park at least once-a-week since arriving in the Jackson Hole area.  Part of the visits have been made as we wait for the fall colors to arrive, part to escape the smoke in the Jackson area and (for the most) part to enjoy the beautiful park and geysers.

Phase One DF/IQ160 55mm LS lens
Black Sand Basin in Yellowston is located 1/2 mile north of Old Faithful and is named after the course black obsidian sand that surround the thermal features.  The furthest feature from the parking lot is Emerald Pool with several smaller pools and geysers along the way.  Most of the trail is comprised of a wood boardwalk which makes for a very easy walk around the area.

Spouter Geyser
Phase One DF/IQ160 55mm LS lens
The creek running through the area is named "Iron Creek" which has no relationship to us.

Opalescent Pool
Phase One DF/IQ160 55mm LS lens
I've returned to shooting medium format last November while working here in the Jackson Hole area.  Until then I used a combination of a tech camera and a Leica 35mm M9.  Now I'm pleased to say that I feel I have the best of both worlds being able to capture landscape with either the WRS of Phase One DF by simply removing my digital back and swapping between the 2-systems.  I've also upgraded my digital back (once again) to a Phase One IQ160.  While the P65+ and the IQ160 share many of the same features the IQ series fits my shooting style and just feel at home on my tech camera.  The larger screen, ability to double check focus, and leveling are just a small sample of what makes this a stellar digital back.  I'm also fortunate to have added a Mamiya 120 macro lens this past March and plan on using it here as well as trying out a Schneider 55mm LS lens.
I've been using a Schneider 35mm on the WRS since I bought it and have found it works well either with a single image capture of multiple for a flat stitch.  I've been using a 80mm since getting the DF with great success. I found I wanted a slightly wider focal length however not as wide as the 35 thus the Schneider 55mm.  As many of you already know there's a slight difference between medium format focal length and 35mm and is based on the size of digital back used.  In very simple terms a 55mm medium format lens is equivalent to a 35mm camera lens at 35 mm while the 80mm is eqivalent to a 50mm lens.  I feel the addition of the 55mm to my DF lens kit answers my quest for slightly wider focal length while at the same time allowing me a faster system to capture versus the more time consuming tech cam.  
Once again I'd like to offer my thanks to a good friend and great camera dealer, Dave Gallagher, Capture Integration for allowing me the opportunity to put the 55mm through it paces.
Also, my many thanks for allowing me to share my experiences to so many of you.  Please remember your thoughts, suggestions, and comments are always welcome.
Next up will be Sandy's experiences using her Canon 1DsIII.


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